Dance to Express



I was always fascinated about how different music can affect people so differently. I use a variety of music in my classes and many times take requests from the clients so everyone feels involved in the class and are able to express themselves. Even clients with limited mobility are able to express themselves through their own energy levels when the music is of their choice.

Body communicate man’s deepest, highest and most truly spiritual thoughts and emotions much better than words. The mind is capable of fabricating the past and dreaming up the future, but it is your body that will tell you what is actually happening with you. Your mind is not restricted to the brain; it is in the entire body and the area that surrounds your body, the etheric body. When you move with awareness you come in contact with your entire self. And when you are ready to open up in terms of physical movements there is a lot that moves emotionally, mentally and energy wise. Dance or movement therapy is a psychotherapeutic tool used to help you connect with your body and in the process, work on your relationships, belief systems, rigidities, inhibitions or any other issues you are struggling with. Movement therapy helps you to see yourself in a disassociated state which makes it easier to see your issues and deal with it in a detached way.

The movements  are guided initially and then gradually weaned off.  During the sharing session,  clients are encouraged to speak what comes up to their mind or what they felt. They are allowed to express emotions through different mediums of their choice.

My take away from movement therapy, is the ability to stay calm, truly being in the moment and compassion.Take more chances, dance more dances.IMG-20180515-WA0011~2



Fashion Consultant


I am often asked what I do for living. People do understand the role of a facilitator for life skills and leadership skills. Special educator is also understandable. But Fashion consultant, I just get a lost look…..

And hence this blog……

As a Fashion Consultant my job is to give professional fashion advice and recommendations to individuals, customers or companies. We use our knowledge of trends and fashion principles to help others in the realm of fashion. Well that’s somewhat of a definition. Now let me explain.



I typically work with individuals, or groups to help them make their fashion decisions, and also with corporates in their environments to help them build a brand/ Image that matches their companies brand/Image and their roles and responsibilities.

Now the question is how I arrive at the recommendations and advice for the client.

My core job is to advise customers and clients in making their fashion decisions. I make recommendations on clusters, entire outfits, colour palettes, styles and fabrics. This involves a lot of understanding about the customer’s needs in order to personalize and tailor suggestions to the client’s aesthetic preferences and personal style, body type, price range and the occasion for which the customer is looking for help.


This also calls for a need to remain up-to-date with market trends and current fashions while maintaining a timeless knowledge of fashion principles and concepts so that it can be tailored based on the clients. And also analyse seasonal trends and implement them into the client recommendations.

We all need advice sometimes whether it is on finance, career, relationship, or for that matter style. So when it comes to style trust your fashion consultant….

Yours truly,

Indu Venugopal

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