Day 7 – Malaysia Diaries


Island hoping day! The speed boat takes you to different Islands there. It started to drizzle as we waited and the waves were rough, so the ride was very bumpy and fun. The people there are very fun loving and easy go lucky type. When they saw the kids enjoying jumping up and down every time we hit a wave. They started doing twist and turn to make it more exciting.

Nature never misses to amaze you.  Lake of pregnant Maiden- A mythical lake, a unique hill shaped like a pregnant woman lying on her back right in the middle of the sea. It was drizzling all the way and the view looked surreal. When you arrive here it is even more miraculous. Take a 7 minutes’ walk and you land in front of a fresh water lake in the middle of the island. No words to describe such a wonder. The boys had super fun in there.

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Wet rice Island/Palace Beras Basah – A small and tranquil island best for snorkeling, swimming and few water sports. Or just choose a tree you want to stretch under watching the sea. And strictly no food around if you don’t want company…. Yes, its monkeys all around and they really like chips and Pepsi .

Big lions island- mainly to watch the eagles prey. As the bridge was broken beyond repair we didn’t go into that Island. Just watched the act from the boat.

Back to hotel and a walk over the Pantai Cenang road, my personal favorite where we get to see the people and their special cuisines all in one lane. Today we chose Indian 🙂



Day 6 – Malaysia Diaries

Day 6 was dedicated to water sports. Pranav’s and mine first Jet Ski and boy it was amazing. Out of all the rides, what gave us the most adrenaline rush was the Jet ski hands down. So glad that Ishan’s fear of water was gone for good. Now he wants to go on every ride possible. I can only imagine the amount of salt water he would have drank, but he’s unstoppable now. Finally the sea has cast its spell on him too. As for me, its home. We could all feel our lungs burning, legs shredded and heart pounding , but seeing the happy and  excited faces I knew the salt water is going to cure all the bruises. We managed to finish all the water sports on time, as the rain started to pour in from nowhere.

To me it looked like the sea didn’t want us to be burnt just yet  :P. It was a welcome change though as it made our afternoon very pleasant. We headed to the crocodile adventure land after lunch. Seeing the beast that close was quite an exhilarating experience.  After seeing all those crocodile movies seeing them move towards the men and being so close to them during the crocodile show got my heart in the mouth.  Surprisingly, none of us felt tired after all that water sports and the walk around the crocodile park.  So we decided to go to the wild life park.

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They have very friendly staff who makes the experience with the birds and nature very memorable. I could have never imagined letting all those birds to peck grains from my hands if it was not for them. Something I would say everyone should try out once, an experience I will cherish all my life. Thanks to our grab driver, on the way back to the resort we got to see the Andaman sea. It is one of the do not miss kind of a place in that small island. From there we get to see few Islands and Thailand. Totally serene and scenic. With that serenity filled in our hearts we get back to our base, mind already prepping for the next day….. 😉

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Day 4 – Malaysia Diaries

The Grab taxis are the best if you want to go around the city. They are very professional and well trained. It makes everyone’s life easier. We first went to National Bird Park that is located in the serene and scenic lake gardens . It’s a totally natural and beautifully landscaped place, best to have your walking shoes on. We had a good walk with different species of birds flying and chirping around you.

Batu Cave- You get a feel of Trichy Main Guard Gate as you reach there. Typical Tamil Nadu  temple feel.  Then there is a steep flight of 272 steps, which is totally worth climbing. The view up there is very enchanting. I have heard about the saints meditating in the caves. This one being so huge and commercial, it still has a very solitary feel.

Evening decided to go check out the city so went on to the China town. It is a  total road side shopping place. I am not much of a crowd person and more over shopping in between the chaos, not my cup of tea.  And more over, that’s a go to place if you love electronic goods. The central Market is more structured and neat and you find all kinds of things there. So you can shop till you drop. And someone who likes window shopping like me, there’s lots out there for you.

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Last day in Kuala Lumpur and we literally ended it with a bang.

Bukit Bintang- You will get to see the real Malaysia there. Food Street with all kinds of delicacies spread in a line. They have these huge screen hung up on the posts that plays sports. People are watching and talking and eating. The whole place gave a feel of a holiday. The local bands playing music on the street adds to the zing. Some of the bands invited people to come over and sing.  Felt like home when one of them was singing old Hindi songs. People totally lost in the moment, singing and dancing along. The night never ended till we called it a day. It was electric!

Day 3 – Malaysia Diaries

Celebration time! If things get better with age, you must be getting closer to freaking magnificent Hubby.  Not everyone gets to be on the tallest twin towers in the world on one’s birthday. Usually it’s my kids and me who are more excited about the day than him. Today seems different 🙂

We wake up and pack up to Sunway Lagoon. It’s a theme park. The water rides were good.  Ishan’s tummy ache flew out of his tummy for good as he rode down the track right into the water.  And he declares it is because it’s his Appa’s birthday. (I did wish his birthday came a couple of days before now….) Now that all is well,there’s no stopping. Kids went crazy with the water rides and so did we. The dry rides were a disappointment though. Hence, returned back to the city early. Having seen Genting Island in my previous visit, I would recommend that to Sunway lagoon any day.

Reached Petronas in the evening. The entire city of Kuala Lampur is just a few kilometres around Petronas.  Petronas the identical towers, or should I say an Identical wonder. It’s majestic and magical, Period!

Decided to go pub hopping, as the big brother promised to behave and take care of his younger brother, courtesy Appa’s Birthday.  Started with Thai club which is just a walk down from Oasia and I thanked my stars that we decided to leave the kids behind. We didn’t want to go further away from our place as we left the kids back in the room. According to Uncle James our tour guide, there are many good pubs around which we did not explore. But anyway, it was a welcome mini date. Finally some time together and cheers to that.

Day 2- Malaysia Diaries


Waking up in Kuala Lumpur felt nice. Since we landed late, decided to take it slow.  We all hoped that Ishan’s tummy ache will magically disappear when he wakes up here. But we soon realized that we were no fairies with magic wands and we have to cope without any help from magic for the day.

In Oasia Hotel the pool is in the 24th floor. Something we didn’t want to miss, so went in for some water therapy. A much needed one considering our plight of situations. We could see the KL tower and Petronas from the pool. The view, must say was mind boggling.


By noon took the city tour with uncle James(the driver and guide for the day) The way he explained his city, you would fall in love with the place. Covered pretty much everything in  4 hours. Places we covered were the National museum, Istana Megara (The ruling kings’S palace), made a Chinese friend there too. Times when we realize that language is not a barrier when you connect with heart. National Monument – the bronze statue is coloured with black paint for protection. It is a massive and enticing structure telling the story of the martyrs. From there went to Sultan Abdul Ahmed bulding- the old library, old city view, clock tower, the river from where Malaysia began. The entire place has an old city charm. My kind of place. And the tour ends at Petronas. It was pretty hot day but the excitement of new places kept us going.


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They say the KL towers view is different and good at both times, day and night. But I am a night person so chose to see it at night. And must say was not at all disappointed. The view was amazing. When you stand on the glass floor and see the city under you, it feels like you are looking down to another planet.


I have to mention, Ishan braved his ache all the way with Pranav distracting him with all the talks and games and a few fights……..


Malaysia Diaries Day 1

Another Journey of collecting moments!

This time is Malaysia, truly Asia.

We wake up well before the alarm start buzzing.  Everyone excited about the long awaited family trip of ours and then Ishan wakes up with his tummy pain. The journey begins!

Long drive to the Bangalore airport through the traffic and the formalities at the airport. One thing I have been noticing of late is the moment people find out that I am an Essential skill trainer, they start talking about all the skill that they feel is essential in life which is forgotten. And they look at me as if now it’s my responsibility to set it right. Well, noted!  Ishan staying strong through his pain and with a small prayer in mind to my God, that all is going to be well as we take off…….IMG_20190408_153218

Saree Draping Session


Conducted a ‘Style it up in Saree’ workshop for the first time with these lovely women. Different drapes to suit their lifestyles and comfort. It was super fun.
I’ve always loved saree, but never looked for opportunities to wear one. I’ve been styling people for different occasions, in all kind of attires and accessories as part of my profession, but hardly ever in saree.  This concept of Triveni Saree , #TriveniEthnicEdge to keep the tradition of India alive somehow got  my attention.  As a stylist I have to bring style in everything I offer, along with comfort. With this workshop, experimented with different drapes with lots of variations to suit different personalities.  It felt nice to break the common mindset that most of us have  about saree being old fashion and uncomfortable. We had some serious fun with the looks. And was happy to see the youngsters like the options they had with sarees….

Hope you like it too….. 🙂


Fashion for Political Leaders.

Getting your look right for all the different occasions in your life is all about knowing the art and science of clothing.

With all the fiascos about Justin Trudeau choice of attire during his visit to India, I guess a little guide line on what to wear, when would help.

No matter which country you are visiting, wear what you are comfortable in, provided you are aware of and respect the local customs. You don’t have to completely adopt their clothing style. Adapt what you like about their styles and make it your own, like what Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump did with their colourful and printed dresses while their India visit.

Mr. Justin Trudeau’s look while meeting the Indian women’s ice hockey team, Good….  Mr. Justin Trudeau’s look while meeting the Bollywood stars, an absolute no …no… He looked a little too inspired by our Bollywood wedding attires.

While you are choosing attire the most important aspect to keep in mind is its appropriateness. In Image consulting we call the it 4 A’s of Image management. Appropriate, Attractive, Authentic and Affordable. If you get this right, you are bang on with your look no matter what the occasion.

If you are travelling on a business purpose never miss to layer to create a look of authority. It could be with a jacket or a cardigan or even a long scarf with detail.  During the course of your stay, if you are expected to attend different events which varies from formal to casual, the trick is to add on a layer for your formal look and taking off the layers and keeping it simple for the casual look.

If you are a person who loves colour, the dark muted colours are the way to go to keep it formal. Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi does it just right when it comes to clothing. Along with the colour make sure you get your patters right if you are found of prints. Small geometric patterns will give you a formal look . And floral prints or any curvy patterns give you a casual look.  Do it right and that will take care of the attractiveness ie,. the second “A” of Image management.

The third “A” Which is very important for me is the authentic look you create with your attire. Don’t let the attire wear you.  Make the attire your Own with your authentic style: This is where you bring in your personal style. Be it with your favourite colour or your favourite print or the way you layer with your favourite fabric. Do you have a trade mark style. Like Kate Middleton’s trade mark knee-high boots or Modi’s colourful tunic.


The fourth ‘A’ being affordable:  Choose your brand based on your budget, roles and your goals.

The secret to appropriate dressing is to keep the four A’s in mind and apply your sense or colour and prints and you are ready to face any occasion in your life chins up.

And if you are still in doubt, call your Image Consultant.

Yours Truly,

Indu Venugopal

Rainbow moments with Autism


Living with Autism is no easy feat. It is like being in a room full of people and still feeling you are all alone. All of them moving their body, making noise, the face changing with every word they speak and they also look at you. It is difficult to make sense of anything that’s going on. It is just too many things at once, and worse is all of them looking at you expecting you to look at them. All I do is stand as still as a rock not meeting their eyes showing I don’t care, but I am really scared.

Wanting something and suddenly feeling lost with words and not knowing how to ask for it. Out of desperation I cry out loud, throw things around and bite myself. Don’t know which of this behaviour got me what I needed. So I repeat all of those behaviours, whenever I wanted something.

I am interested in knowing everything that’s around me. And like to learn new things. But I have no idea how to tell you that. I don’t know how to tell that I am done with colouring cookers.

First time I met A , I found a child lost in a world of his own. His way of expressing anything was by throwing things around and biting himself and laughing aimlessly. But what I also found by the end of my observation was his willingness to learn new things. And also that he was done with colouring cookers.

We introduced Maths and English to him and slowly the “behaviors” started vanishing. He could speak or rather repeat whatever we tell him, but what changed was he also learnt to say what he wanted in one word. The reward we get for all these is an eye contact from him, time to time and a smile of acknowledgement. And that is our cue to know that we are on the right track, and we are in this battle together in a differently wired world called Autism.

Life is black and white only until you paint it bright!


When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes.But when you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls! – Ted Grant

Black and white is just right and simple, until you create something different and beautiful and make it colorful!

Colors are more than what they seem to be. They impact your mood and emotions because they have an influence to the flow and amount of energy in the body. Colors can affect your aura and  color therapist can vouch on this.

The colors you choose  throws light on your personality, it’s a way of self-expression.

Color Pink is very contradictory. In western culture it is associated with  feminine traits and in some countries like Japan it is associated with masculine traits. Pink has a calming effect on  people when used in moderation, but over use it and it will lead to irritation and  inspire  feelings of weakness in men. Now you know why it’s contradictory, it is complicated.  😉