Lahariya- one of my favourite print, is a traditional style of tie and dye practice in Rajasthan. It is mostly done on breezy fabric with bright colour combinations.


I am wearing a chiffon fabric here. Best choice for a hot day out. The complex wave pattern and the colour combination on a breezy fabric gives a feel of flowing water. Colours have a deep meaning in the culture of Rajasthan. My choice here is a deep blue and white  combination, which stands for peacefulness and freshness. And hence perfect for a sunny day

I have a deep fascination toward the art,craft and culture of Rajasthan. They make every possible effort to counter the bareness of the deserts by pouring colours around them. All the traditional attires from there are very vibrant.

Let me give you some facts about  Lhariya here…In Rajasthan, Lahariya is one craft believed to provide hope to each other that a wave of water brings along in a state as dry as Rajasthan. Lahariya is one of the favourite choices for women under the scorching heat of Rajasthan. They celebrate and welcome monsoon through their dresses. For this season women there usually wear samudra lahariya which has the color of the sea. And they have associated colours for each festival. Interesting!



Love Live and Let Live


I heard this story about Solomon Islands way back in a movie.

In Solomon Islands, the tribal don’t cut down a tree. They surround the tree and curse it for hours every day..

Within a few weeks, the tree dries up and becomes dead..

Many of us might find that example too difficult to believe. How can intangible and invisible thoughts and words kill a tree?

The truth is subconscious mind is million times more powerful than the conscious mind, and decides most of the things in our lives according to the beliefs it has developed. So it is essential to think a dozen times before saying something demoralizing to yourself and the people you love..

Maybe the proverb, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is not true after all.

There is much research that indicates that verbal abuse in intimate relationships can also lead to depression, anxiety and decreased marital satisfaction. The only way to avoid or at least minimize the damaging effects of the hurtful words—is to limit contact with those who hurt or belittle you, reduce encounters with them, or only interact with the individual in public, or when surrounded by non-abusive people.

Be careful with how much you tolerate. Remember you are teaching them how to treat you. We are responsible for your own happiness. True strength is in your soul and spirit, never let them die. Have faith and trust in who you are, and show willingness to act upon it. Decide this minute to never again expect or beg anyone for the love, respect, and attention that you should be showing yourself.  It is important to be nice to others, but it is even more important to be nice to you. As Mae West said, We only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough 🙂


Dreams- make it a life to remember



Every great dream begins with a dreamer  and I have always been  one, because it felt like home.My dream was to create real life characters with a difference and I have always been passionate about that.

As a kid I grew up watching fairy tales and Indian mythological stories that comes on television. I was always inspired by the way people dressed in it. One side it was all about soft flowing materials and pastel colours with natural look and the other side were bright coloured complicated attires with dramatic look. I was too small then to know the art and science behind clothing makeup and styles. All I knew was that I loved all of it and was in awe of it. I used to create my own stories by taking characters from both the worlds. And of course the clothes and look followed. Slowly my characters started to change the way they dressed. Cinderella would sometimes wear a bright yellow lehenga with long dupatta and mirror worked shoes with hair plaited when she meets her prince in the woods. Draupadi  in patiala pant and turtle neck top as she emerged from the fire. Sometimes my imagination would show in my dressing style as well. People around me started to notice the difference and to my surprise like it too. Slowly I started to experiment with my friends who used to like my stories. They loved how I made them look, but initially they had their inhibitions about looking different. But I did not. I come from a family of illustrious people with different academia and fashion was something no one much understood. Neither did I think or know then, that I was creating fusion.

Very early in my life I figured out that I am a multipotentialite.  So there were multiple fields that I was passionate about and pursued at different stages of my life.  But one thing that stayed with me from my childhood to this age is my love to create  real  life characters with a difference. My experiments with my looks worked well for me as I could pull out any look I required with conviction.  Fusion dressing and mix and match became part of me, no matter which field of work I was in.

There’s a saying by Rumi “what you seek is seeking you”. All you need to do to make it happen is be passionate about what you seek. It has been so true in my life. Finally one day I saw in the paper that a new industry has spurted in India- Image Management. Just what I wanted, and all that I was doing all this while now has a name. That was the beginning of yet another journey as a fashion stylist and blogger apart from being an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, dance movement therapist and special educator. And I am sure the list will go on….



Dance to Express



I was always fascinated about how different music can affect people so differently. I use a variety of music in my classes and many times take requests from the clients so everyone feels involved in the class and are able to express themselves. Even clients with limited mobility are able to express themselves through their own energy levels when the music is of their choice.

Body communicate man’s deepest, highest and most truly spiritual thoughts and emotions much better than words. The mind is capable of fabricating the past and dreaming up the future, but it is your body that will tell you what is actually happening with you. Your mind is not restricted to the brain; it is in the entire body and the area that surrounds your body, the etheric body. When you move with awareness you come in contact with your entire self. And when you are ready to open up in terms of physical movements there is a lot that moves emotionally, mentally and energy wise. Dance or movement therapy is a psychotherapeutic tool used to help you connect with your body and in the process, work on your relationships, belief systems, rigidities, inhibitions or any other issues you are struggling with. Movement therapy helps you to see yourself in a disassociated state which makes it easier to see your issues and deal with it in a detached way.

The movements  are guided initially and then gradually weaned off.  During the sharing session,  clients are encouraged to speak what comes up to their mind or what they felt. They are allowed to express emotions through different mediums of their choice.

My take away from movement therapy, is the ability to stay calm, truly being in the moment and compassion.Take more chances, dance more dances.IMG-20180515-WA0011~2


Ace the Geometric print


The fashion forecasters say that the geometric prints are here to stay; you might as well ace the look.

Be bold and add a dash of eye-catching vim to your wardrobe with geometric prints. The ethnic wear has been turned into a work of art with its playful and bold geometric shape and bright colours. Versatile and easy-to-wear fabric, the bold coloured circles and squares add a contemporary twist.


Geometric print clubbed with minimalistic jewellery is back in vogue. Here I chose to pair it with a metallic silver statement earring  and my baaju band which is my personal style to add up a glamorous touch.


For more such enthralling collections of ethnic  wear visit

Saree Draping Session


Conducted a ‘Style it up in Saree’ workshop for the first time with these lovely women. Different drapes to suit their lifestyles and comfort. It was super fun.
I’ve always loved saree, but never looked for opportunities to wear one. I’ve been styling people for different occasions, in all kind of attires and accessories as part of my profession, but hardly ever in saree.  This concept of Triveni Saree , #TriveniEthnicEdge to keep the tradition of India alive somehow got  my attention.  As a stylist I have to bring style in everything I offer, along with comfort. With this workshop, experimented with different drapes with lots of variations to suit different personalities.  It felt nice to break the common mindset that most of us have  about saree being old fashion and uncomfortable. We had some serious fun with the looks. And was happy to see the youngsters like the options they had with sarees….

Hope you like it too….. 🙂


Ethnic Elegance



Another Cotton silk saree inspired from style of traditional woven drape from Triveni silks. Shades of pink and off white with blouse matching up the borders to sync with the design. What I love about the fabric is the way it falls and the elegance it brings to otherwise simple attire with the mix of silk in it. This drape takes up the entire attention and hence teamed it up with chunky oxidised silver jumka and nose pin to bring focus to face….

My look for an evening party….














































Saree love

With the summer getting hotter and the humidity level going high if I can think of any other fabric other than cotton it had to be cotton silk. In Kerala there’s never a dearth of celebration and going by the culture of the land sublet and elegant colours have always won hands down.


For my old student’s day, I wanted something subtle with a little drama. Plain solid grey cotton silk saree with hand woven boota in red and contrasting red pallu with matt gold border. Couldn’t ask for more 🙂


Fashion for Political Leaders.

Getting your look right for all the different occasions in your life is all about knowing the art and science of clothing.

With all the fiascos about Justin Trudeau choice of attire during his visit to India, I guess a little guide line on what to wear, when would help.

No matter which country you are visiting, wear what you are comfortable in, provided you are aware of and respect the local customs. You don’t have to completely adopt their clothing style. Adapt what you like about their styles and make it your own, like what Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump did with their colourful and printed dresses while their India visit.

Mr. Justin Trudeau’s look while meeting the Indian women’s ice hockey team, Good….  Mr. Justin Trudeau’s look while meeting the Bollywood stars, an absolute no …no… He looked a little too inspired by our Bollywood wedding attires.

While you are choosing attire the most important aspect to keep in mind is its appropriateness. In Image consulting we call the it 4 A’s of Image management. Appropriate, Attractive, Authentic and Affordable. If you get this right, you are bang on with your look no matter what the occasion.

If you are travelling on a business purpose never miss to layer to create a look of authority. It could be with a jacket or a cardigan or even a long scarf with detail.  During the course of your stay, if you are expected to attend different events which varies from formal to casual, the trick is to add on a layer for your formal look and taking off the layers and keeping it simple for the casual look.

If you are a person who loves colour, the dark muted colours are the way to go to keep it formal. Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi does it just right when it comes to clothing. Along with the colour make sure you get your patters right if you are found of prints. Small geometric patterns will give you a formal look . And floral prints or any curvy patterns give you a casual look.  Do it right and that will take care of the attractiveness ie,. the second “A” of Image management.

The third “A” Which is very important for me is the authentic look you create with your attire. Don’t let the attire wear you.  Make the attire your Own with your authentic style: This is where you bring in your personal style. Be it with your favourite colour or your favourite print or the way you layer with your favourite fabric. Do you have a trade mark style. Like Kate Middleton’s trade mark knee-high boots or Modi’s colourful tunic.


The fourth ‘A’ being affordable:  Choose your brand based on your budget, roles and your goals.

The secret to appropriate dressing is to keep the four A’s in mind and apply your sense or colour and prints and you are ready to face any occasion in your life chins up.

And if you are still in doubt, call your Image Consultant.

Yours Truly,

Indu Venugopal